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White Lie Banner: Greg looking through a mysterious door, the beginning of a journey.

White Lie

White Lie is the heartwarming journey of Greg, a plush rabbit toy in search of its missing owner in a surreal and desolate word. Overcome the challenges from your past with Emma, and uncover the truth behind everything that is happening.



White Lie has two main mechanics. One of them is about exploring the memories some mementos bring back to life. Inside these memories, you will get in touch with unique interactions, remembering the nostalgia from a past moment. You will enjoy again the happiness you both shared together and remember how important Emma is to you. Every memory will convey a new emotion, helping you to understand what the character thinks and feels.

The other mechanics is exploration: you will explore different scenarios seaching for Emma's whereabouts. In the world, there are memories from the time you lived together and you will know the history behind these objects, what one day they meant and the important moments the hold. The feelings they bring back is what makes Greg find a way to follow. It's here that the interactions with mementos will take Greg to the previous mechanics memories.

The game progression will be related to the relationship between the characters, experiences they had together, dreams they built, secrets shared, games they played. Moments both happy and sad, surrounded by reality and imagination. The game will explore how much Emma is missing on Greg's world, for not being around, taking the character every time closer to understand what is really important to him.

A game made with the support of:

White Lie Supporters: Core Labs Game Accelerator and Spcine